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Welcome To our Customer true comments page, but first, our own comments:
Welcome!  If you are currently smoking the traditional tobacco cigarette and considering an alternative, but are still indecisive we have great incentives that are positive and cost-effective.

Decisions come with questions and certain anticipations of trying something new and modern.   Browse our website and discover our selection of specialized tobacco-free devices with product information and pictures.   We know that  it is your prerogative and we strive to all lengths toward all round customer satisfaction and assurance, to provide our customers with the best products and services at the lowest cost, and to treat our customers as we would like to be treated.   That is our  belief and our strength.

Now Listen to what Our customers write and tell us:

Hello people at E Health Cigarettes.  Long time customer here.  I just want to quickly say that i have tried literally about 20+ big name e-cigarette companies in my time smoking ecigs, from apollo, V2, greensmoke, totally wicked, every company out there,
and you guys are BY FAR  the best, amazing products, the best e-juice on the market in my opinion, the best prices, and i live in canada where nicotine e-juice is prohibited and your products have always made it to my house 100% of the time and in perfect condition,
i just wanted to let you know that YOU are the BEST c-cigarette company on the internet hands down with the best selection and best prices. keep up the excellent work you guys , you have a customer for life here and any person i know who is thinking of trying out "vaping" i instantly reccomend your company.

yours truly, mr. wynnyk from edmonton, alberta


The Storm Vape I received from you is, hands down; the best vaping unit I have owned......and I have personally owned 6 before this one.  This is an extremely high quality and durable set-up with superb battery life that last all day!  Not to mention you have the best deal on the web by including 5 re-loadable cartridges, double batteries AND two atomizers with your Storm Vape rig configuration.  All of this while still "smoking" the competition on variable voltage, pro-vape arrangements by more than +$20 *(even overseas variations)!  I seriously don't know why anyone wouldn't order from your web sight.

Having done lots of commerce with you in the past, I knew ordering from was a safe bet, but holy church that was ultra fast shipping!  Everything arrived in pristine condition, was well packed and was just as photoed/advertised. 

Additionally, I am looking forward to any mods you may offer in the future for your Storm Vape Unit as well as other exotic juices.  The run flavor was unprecedented!  I can't wait to try more!  The tobacco flavored e-juice *(when impregnated with nicotine) mimics traditional cigarettes to a "T", offering nice hits and good kick in the throat - giving no reason to go back to "analog" smokes when digital is much better and more convenient.  

I wanted to say thanks again for everything, your honesty, integrity, fair price, awesome products and as always, fast and clear communication.  Don't ever change and you -Mr. Manfred- have me as a customer for life. 

~I am C.J. Griffin and I approve this message.


You should consider an official Facebook and/or Twitter page for for more exposure.  I personally think more people need you know that you are out there. Just a thought.  Take care.

Hi Manfred


I’m sorry I didn’t get back with you sooner but I have had some medical issues with my daughter so I have been tending to her. I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the Diamond Series Cigarette that you sent me. It is so much better than the e-cigarette that you have to change out the atomizers on. Since I received it I haven’t put it down and I have shown it to everybody and they liked it too. I gave them your website so that they could order too and I think they will be ordering soon. I work in the apartment industry and I manage two properties so I’m always showing my residents your products and when I’m at the grocery store I also show people around me the diamond series cigarette and they like it. My vendor called the other day and was asking me more questions about my cigarette and I gave her your website too. I told them that you have reasonable prices and your shipping is so fast and that I’d never had anyone send merchandise as fast as you do and I mean that too. I will be placing another order soon and thanks again for the Diamond Series Cigarette and I may or may not be ordering the other kind again only because I went through so many atomizers and batteries but I will definitely order the e-liquid and the diamond series products. Anyone out there who is reading this I want you to know that this man is honest and makes good on his orders is something is not right. Don’t hesitate to order from him because he’s the one!!!




Just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you again for such great service! 

We've been so impressed with how fast we receive shipments from you!

The site is easy to use, your response time is fantastic and somehow you have stock

when everyone else is on back order!  We've really enjoyed doing business with you!

Thanks again!  Cary





This is to notify you, that approximately 2 months ago, I started using the E-Health Cigarette.


I have also started 4 of my friends using your product as well.

I will continue promoting this product as it really works.


If you have a promotional opportunity for me, i would definitely be interested.


Thank you again for an awesome product as well as an opportunity to help the ones I see needing help.



Leo Goodman



Hi Manfred,

I just wanted to say Thank You for the new battery! You are an honest business man!

It wasn't always like that, I have tried several other brands of e-cigs the first I bought at a local state fair for way too much money and the cartridges are not available(omg brand), the second I got from local truck stop which stopped working about 4 days later and no exchanges allowed , I bought 4 over 2 weeks all did the same ( Njoy)$$$. Third was e-health from a head shop about 30 miles away, but twice as expensive. Looking online for cartridges I found your site, thank goodness I did. Because of your product I am able to stay smoke free and at a fair price. With the other brands problems, it was cheaper to smoke real cigs.

Again thank you for your great service!

I am returning the battery you sent, it dosen’t  fit in the charger but the new atomizer and the one that didn't fit, fits on the new battery that came with the new pack so i'm good! :)

Thanks again,

Brian Duca





I just received the order.  EVERYTHING IS OUTSTANDING!  I will defiantly

be ordering more of your product.  In fact, I will pass the word around

at work about your product and company.  Best of luck and thank you for

your fantastic product and delivery.






    I just recieved my replacement E-health Cigarette and it appears to be in working condition. I opened it and placed in wall socket 30 mins ago. Led on battery lights up red as well as red led on box.I tested it and produced full, flavorful, vaporsmoke.

THANK YOU so much for your wonderful customer support. I REALLY appreciate the FREE return paid shipping sticker you enclosed.I just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with my business experience with you and your company. I will be sure to refer friends and family to your products.Thank you for being so understanding,promt,and courteous. I will be sending out the Defective unit less the filters tomorrow 5-8-2010. We WILL be doing business again.


Best regards,


Eugene J. Smolenski



                           Thank You so very much, I love your e-cig. I've tried several kinds and have found i like yours the best.  The others I tried leaked liquid out the end and didnt smoke anywhere near as much as yours. Not to mention the price is very reasonable. I seen one in a mall last weekend for 150.00 and the salesmen seen me with mine and saw how well it worked and had me demonstrate mine to them.  needless to say they never tryed to give me a salespitch:) I also recommended your website and e-cig to workers in different stores i was shopping in. My friends nieghbors and family have also been reccomended to your site. I even recommended them to two strangers in kmart parking lot..  The ones i have recommended are all trying your e-cig and loving it also.:) I would be willing  to permit you to add this to your testimonial page, and will help in any other ways i can to help get these out to   others  out there looking for an answer to becoming healthier with  e-cig.  Thanks again, Your company is very much appreciated in my eyes and my family and friends as well.


                                                              Sincerley, Heather Bodin

                                                                 Centralia, Washington State






Thank you so much for such a quick reply and so late at night or it is actually morning here. :)

 This really helps out so I can get my order together and sent in tomorrow. Wow...what great prices!!! I'm paying about 3x of what your products are selling for that I buy here locally.




 Thank you so much!



Manfred, I was just talking to my daughter on the phone. I gave her your web address and she checked out your site. I hope she makes the decision to order your product. I know I just love them. Your product is the real deal. So glad I decided to give myself a b- day present.  Very pleased. Thank You!



Thankyou, Your customer service is the reason I keep buying my stock from you.

Jody Little



And thank you for working with me.

It is so nice to work with someone who is

as kind and honest as you are.

I want to stay being one of your customers.

I really admire how you go out of your way on

customer service and you are an honest person.

For me, being older and from the old school, it is

so distressing doing business with a lot of companies

because they have no idea about old fashioned

values and customer service. They could care less

if the customer is happy or not, once they get your

money, then you are ignored and such.

You are not like that and I so much admire

your ways with "us" the customers.




My best regards and I am so pleased

to be one of your customers.





Carla Kennedy




I just want to thank you for supplying a quality product. I was doing business with another website that I spent 100's of dollars with in the last 6 months. It said "E Health" and looked similar, but all the parts were slightly smaller and of extremely poor quality. Everything I bought from that site failed within a week of purchase and it would take weeks to get even a half-hearted response about warrantying anything, although he advertised a warranty. He warranted one atomizer then ignored the rest of my emails.I have been impressed with the quality of your product. I could instantly tell the difference in the way everything was made. The other site must be selling an inferior "clone" product as you mentioned when my previous battery (from the other site) did not seem to work with your charger or atomizer and I complained thinking there was something wrong with the charger and atomizers you sent me. Fortunately, you explained the problem and I tried it with a battery I had also ordered from you and everything worked perfectly. Thank you once again.

David Crawford




Never mind about the VG/PG.  The replacement atomizer you sent me did the trick.  The taste is now smooth and good with no chemical taste. Thanks for your help and exceptional support.







thank you so much sir I am very suprised in the service you provide thanks again and I will recomend you to anyone that is willing to try the new alternative e cigs and will recomend your site and company. thats how customer service should be thank you for the cash refund i will be more careful next time. thank you for keeping in touch with me and helping me out have a nice day. good product and good service I will be visting your site soon thanks for the refund. your one of the vary few honsest people in the business and on the web.





I want to thank you for your unexpected awesome customer service. Not only did you do what you said you were going to do, but you even sent the charger just in case. That is well over above and beyond! Thank you very much!





After receiving your package yesterday, I charged all 3 of the batteries, and put one togther and tried it, and it worked.....yay! I tried the other two, which came with my orginal package, and they did not work, even with the new atomizers. I used only the new charger that you sent just to be sure. So after all this, I will purchase a new set of bateries, and see if that is the problem.
I wrote all this to you because I have been in sales since I could remember, and the one thing I know is that if you want to survive in the business world you have to have 2 things; a great product, and unmatchable customer service. You have shown me the customer service, which was outstanding, so hopefully my info will help with the improving of the product. I have searched out a different version of your product, and yours is the closest to  the real deal that I have found, and your prices are unbeatable. You are the best thing out there, and the only way you will stay that way is to keep doing what you are doing and to improve your product.




I look forward to being your customer until I finally quit this nasty habit. Thank you for what you do!





Lacey Burd



First, I would like to thank you for your prompt service!!! My order arrived quickly and safely. And I really like the low prices your products! I had searched online thru many different sites with e-cigs and the majority of the sites were charging either close to$100 or well over $100 for a starter kit. Your prices are fantastic along with the service. I have been telling everyone I know about your site, the products, and the prices, so I thank you for the business cards you sent with my order to share with my family and friends. I only wish you had sent me a couple dozen I have a lot of friends who simply hate paying the high prices for a pack a of cigarettes, so I have been spreading the word for ya. I hope that it helps bring you more business as I am sure in this market, this is quite a bit of competition appearing, with this being the new trend.  Plus our state recently took on the "no smoking" in any workplace, restaurant, tavern, bar, hotel, etc in July, so it's been a real nuisance for those of us who do smoke. Anyways, thank you again, I will be back to shop again soon!


? ?Hugs,

Julie Frank

I thank you for being so kind and truly taking care of

me as one of your customers.

Thank you!

And hopefully I won't have to, but I won't be afraid to tell you

next time if something doesn't work right.

Thank you for working with me.

I know you have a lot of customers, however, you make feel like

I am your only customer.

I didn't think there were business people from the "old school"

out there anymore, I was wrong, because you're ethics are definetly

from the old school ways. That is admirable!




Thank you again.

Bless you

Carla Kennedy 

I feel great! I've been using the strongest nicotine strength filters (16 mg. in tobacco flavor), and plan to eventually decrease the strength of the nicotine. It's a wonderful product.   The service at is fantastic, prompt and the prices are great. It takes a while to get used to charging batteries and checking atomizers, etc, but it is well worth the benefits" - JM, performance artist and educator in New York City




Due to recent stresses, my husband who quit smoking 3 years ago, has had the urge to start again. I ordered him the E-Health Electronic Cigarette in zero nicotine in an effort to prevent him from picking them up again. I could not be happier with my decision! He loves how it tastes so much like the real thing. And the flavors!! WOW! Cherry is the best by far!

As for the customer service: I am also pleased! Everything was as described and shipped fast!

We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

--Mary Beth


Thank you very much! The best word I can come up with is "wow". I have not had anyone do business like this in over a decade! Very impressed and have given your web site to 2 more poeple. Can you send me some business cards? You definitly deserve the business!

Thanks again



Hi, this is Megan Barrett.  I have placed and received four orders from your site and I just wanted to say thank you.  I absolutely love this e-cig and I love your site.  Anytime I have had questions, you have been very quick and helpful.  I get your shipments within two days of receiving your “items shipped” emails, and the items I order from you always get shipped that day, even Saturdays.  You are a great supplier and I am forever a lifetime customer, until you decide to stop selling!  Thanks again and as a member of the ECF and CASAA I will be spreading the word on your site to everyone!





Just a note to let you know I have received my order and I am very pleased with the product.  I’ve tried several – American and Foreign suppliers and the e-Cigarette is superior to any that I have tried.  Smooth, excellent taste---I will let all of my friends and family know about your product; and one of the best selling points – you don’t have to wait a month before you receive the product (like with other companies not based in U.S.)  You should have a place on your site for product reviews

Thanks again and Happy Holidays.


   I received the replacement Batteries in the mail yesterday and I am going to send the returns out in the mail today.
   Thank you so much for taking care of this I really appreciate the service and have given out all your cards to friend's and Family and even forwarded your link to some people after telling them about these E-cig's, My girlfriend and I are both 50 ish here in Maine we have saved over $500.00 so far.
        Again Thank You   Mark 

Hi Manfred - I am so thrilled as i received my package on Tuesday (yesterday) and was really quite surprised as i didn't really expect it until Thursday - how did you do that !  Just wanted to thank you and will be placing another tonight if i get to it - I've been so lazy lately and have a lot of paperwork to do.  Thank you again.  Linda"

I was really angry before I first contacted  I had bought their brand at a local smoke shop because I wanted to know more about it and didn’t feel comfortable buying online until I knew more about it.  The starter kit I purchased at that smoke shop for $49.99 plus tax was two cigarettes, 10 cartridges, and charging.  Within 10 days both cigarettes died.  I ordered new Atomizers.  The cigarettes were still dead. 
assuming that they were associated, I complained via email and I was really mad but even though they had nothing to do with my original purchase, stepped up to the plate. 
Okay, so it cost me an extra $8.00 but they are sending me new stuff for they figured that I ended up buying a re-pop…a fake.  I am really looking forward to receiving my new stuff.  The first day I cut down a half a pack…the second, a pack. 
I am just very appreciative of how my complaint was handled even though I did not order online.  I’m a customer….current and future.  Thank you.
Daye Salander
President, Roday Signage, LLC
p.s.  Thanks again. I truly do appreciate it and I did not expect it.

Thanks for the praise.   I only wish I had known about your product much earlier.   The house smells so good and stays so much cleaner.
My COPD doesn't seem to have improved much, but hasn't gotten any worse.   What a stupid thing it is to ever have started smoking in the first place.
I saw a TV show a couple of weeks ago where one of the actresses was smoking an electronic cigarette that looked just like your Diamond Style.   Fun.
Would you please send me packaging and a return label for the low strength cartridges so I can return what I have?   I appreciate that.
As always, thanks for your assistance.                     Kathleen

Hello Manfred,
Thank you so very much for getting back to me so quickly. It appears it was just a bad outlet/ surge protector situation in my home. I really appreciate your dedication to customer service! Now that I have it working correctly, I think this might be the best thing ever. It's a lot better than I thought :-) I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Take care

My wife got an E-cig from you, for me for Xmas as I had been wanting to try them.  I've got from you so far, e-cig kit, 4 boxes of cart refills & multiple bottles & flavors of e-juice. If you keep up this great customer service, you will have many many customers! Word of mouth spreads fast & that's the best kind of advertising (along with your biz-cards from mailed products). Good Luck & I'll be ordering again! Thanks again for the great customer service, that's how all companies should be!

Thank you so much....this has been one of the most pleasant shopping experences I have ever had. I have only had this product for a couple of days and because you are so great to deal with I will be pushing all my smoking friends to purchase from you. I have several people already interested so thank you again.

Thank you so much i have never been treated so well by an online based company or any company for that mater. i greatly appriciate it and look forward to future business.

Thank you and I will be sure to tell all of my friends about your site.  I have already given one of your cards to a friend who works at Blue Cross Blue Sheild.  I forsee you geting alot of bussiness from them since they can no longer smoke cigs on company property.  If you want to send me a few more of your cards I can give them out at my college and to all my friends.  Again thank you and this is the best e-cig i have had yet.  The last on i had was 99 bucks at the mall and was crap.  All in all i would like to say thank you and i look forward to buying all my e-cig products from you.
Colby W.


Thank you so much...Yes I did read to handle with care as to the electronic components.  But once again thank you for standing behind your product.  Customer Service is an A+ plus so far in my book.



I am so pleased with your products!! I used to smoke Camel Lights, about 1/2 pack a day. Now with the E-cigarette I have not had a tobacco cigarette since I began using your product. Your shipping time and receiving time is amazing. I am going to give my brother one of your cards so he can order from you as well. I let him try mine and he really liked it. You are amazing!! Keep up the good work!! Thanks!
Angela B__kwith

Thanks for your understanding,to my situation sir. Your company is the best company I have ever dealt with and will continue to do business with from now on..  Thanks for all your help.. your a gentleman. very satisfied .  Timmy


These are so awesome.  My 68 year old brother was hesitant to try the starter kit.  He has many serious health problems and..this is a wonderful beginning for him.  Our entire family wants to thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!.


              I wanted to thank you for being able to get us the 16mg we had been ordering and not getting, This new order that came in and was all 16MG and we are just pleased as we can be , The taste and flavor is right what it is suppose to be and are perfect, We injoy are E-Cigs very much and this was the only product that got me off 40 years of Marlboros, I feel 100% better, I can breath and smell and theres no ciggarette odor in our house or cars or clothing, Thanks Again Very Much.....Don & Shelli Watson, Tampa, FL,33617

 Manfred: I just want to let you know at the expense of being corny;That for the last 4 mos. being your loyal customer has been made easy by the fact you and any support staff you might have, Have made me a most satisfied customer delivering a QUALITY product @ reasonable prices and with a personal touch of dependance and professionalism that I find very refreshing !!!!
Yours truly,
Michael D. Reyes

"wonderful product that fills a much need gap in the smoking health area. Manfred is wonderful to deal with and always prompt if you have any questions, problems or issues. Cannot sing his praises high enough. Love this site and will remain a loyal customer.   Mrs R -  Australia"

Manfred:  I thank you for tending to my order so very quickly. I noticed it has already been verified in my E-mail account. looking foreword to being able to do more business with you. I truly like your E-cigarette.  It gives my hand something to do, while taking care of the oral fixation, and of course giving me the nicotine my body craves. Without all the other bad stuff you don't need. I thank you for your time. Please pass along any good sales or discounts that you may have. Looking forward to hearing from you. Happy holidays to you and yours    


                                                                           Thor B.

Dear E-Health Cigarettes;

Thank you a million times for this amazing product. Truth be told, I don't want to quit smoking - but the risks to my health could never be justified. Now it's not an issue. You'll be getting more orders from me. If there by chance a Canadian distributor of this product to speed up delivery? A Week is nice, don't get me wrong, but over night and 2-3 day service just can't be beat. You've saved my life, my wife, kids and I all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- Adam

Manfred:  Thank you, just to let you know that I received it and it works, thank you again. Your customer service is number one!!
Three more people I have told have ordered and they are very happy. Just tonight my sister in law from Calgary asked me for your web site.
Thank you
Pam P.

Hello: Just want to let you know that both my orders have been received!  Very impressed with the speed of shipping to Canada!!
I will definitely be passing on your business cards to friends and family.  I love my e-cigarette and all the different strengths and flavors of cartridges.  Will be ordering other items soon.
A very satisfied customer...
Marie B.

I would just like to tell you that I got your E-Health Cigarette, First let me say I was on the phone with my mother and she was telling me about some that she had got another brand, and was telling me how no matter how hard or soft she never could see anything coming out so she never felt like she was having a cigarette. I was waiting for my mail to get here because I knew they were showing up today but was thinking about what my mom had said no smoke looking coming out. Well, I just have to say right out of the box I was right on the phone with my mother telling how how these were nothing like what she got. I really felt like I was having a cigarette could see it and feel it. She is already heading to your site to get her set. Thanks so much for having something out there that is just what I was looking for with out it costing me my first born. I wil be back on your site about Thursday to get more refills and probable a cool case holder. I will sure be telling all my family and friends about you.
Thanks so much
Tamara H
Powell, WY 82435

Thanks for my SECOND delivery from your store !!!
Both times it was exactly 1 week ...and I live in Canada (Windsor, Ontario)
I love your products ...this time I ordered a second set of e-cigs !!! ...One for
the wife, so there's always one ready.
I liked the first set that I bought in a corner store near by ...all except that
it looked like someone ransacked the boxes; and I had to go through several
boxes to get a good set. I blame that on the "questionable store" environment
though. LOL. That's why I looked up the product online ...
I'm real happy with ordering direct from you though !!! Thanks again !
No stress ...and still got the enjoyment ! Not to mention's cheap, by the day !!!!!!!!!!
I can even smoke them in a bar, because they're not illegal here.
Real cigarettes are $10.00 a pack here, or more ! What a savings !
Happy, happy !
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Have a great day ! ...

hi:  just a quick note thanks for the diamond series smokes  they are awesome freinds have comented how cool they look hope to order some more for my mates thank you for a great prouduct at a resonable price.. maree    from austrailia

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