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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page of the E-Health Cigarettes website.  Here you can find answers to the most common questions that people ask about using electronic cigarettes.

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Q.  What are Electronic Cigarettes?


A. Electronic cigarettes aka “e-cigarettes” or “e-cigs” are specially designed devices that look similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes and deliver the same flavor taste, without the need to use fire that causes combustion: there is no tar or real smoke produced; instead the device produces a vapor which resembles smoke.



Q. What are the Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes?


  • To prevent the inhalation of the harmful, and unpublished ingredients in a conventional tobacco cigarette 


Traditional tobacco cigarettes must be lit with fire, which causes the combustion that releases the dangerous smoke filled with tar, carcinogens, carbon monoxide and other chemicals to be inhaled into the lungs.  With a Health E-cigarette you have a healthier way to smoke while avoiding the combustion process and all of the associated dangers it causes. Instead you are able to inhale just the nicotine in a vaporized mist that looks and feels like smoke.


  • Easy to Use. 


In reality you could smoke an e-cigarette anywhere because it doesn’t burn; there is no smoke or fumes being released, no danger to anyone from “second-hand smoke.”  Instead of smoking, when you use an electronic cigarette you are "vaping." Even so, because electronic cigarettes are very new and not widely used currently, you may need to get permission to use an e-cig in restaurants or a bar.


  • Save Money.


 Using a nicotine cartridge is beneficial, compared to its equivalent of 5 traditional tobacco cigarettes.  One package of 10 cartridges costs approximately $6.00, the same as one pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes.


  • Less Offensive.


 One of the most frequent complaints traditional tobacco cigarette smokers encounter is the second-hand smoke. When you use Health E-Cigarettes no one will even know you are smoking, because there is no scent to the vapor. That means no smelly fumes or bad breath, no foul odor in your clothes, on your hands or in your hair.


Q.  Why are the E-Health Cigarettes so Popular?


A. There are 3 major reasons for the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes.


  • For the first time people who enjoy nicotine have an easily transportable, healthier way to ingest it without the high level of risk that smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes presents. The electronic cigarette has taken the vaporizer method, which was developed in the 1960s and reduced it in size making it available to use wherever a person may be.
  • Safer - No Fire hazard
  • It is a viable alternative to individuals who want to continue to smoking.

Q.  Do Electronic Cigarettes Deliver the Same Tastes as a Regular Cigarette?


An Electronic cigarette provides smoking satisfaction to 2-pack a day traditional tobacco cigarettes smokers. The vapor that is produced by the e-cigs looks, tastes and provides the sensation that makes smoking a pleasure.  Health E-Cigarettes are available in the nicotine strengths of high, medium, low and zero.


E-cigs deliver the taste of a standard flavor cartridge that is similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette, the taste is more refreshing and distinct. The whole experience is a lot clearer and smoother.


The available Health E-Cigarettes flavors include:


  • Marl-boro
  • Menthol
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Lemon



Q.  Are E-Health Cigarettes Safe to Use?


A. Since there is nothing to light.  E-cigarettes cannot drop lighted ash onto carpets and clothing and accidentally onto bedclothes while sleeping.  The fire hazard is greatly reduced, even eliminated.

The liquid nicotine mixture contains none of the 4,000 toxic chemicals, tar and carbon monoxide produced by the combustion process (burning fire) used to enjoy traditional tobacco cigarettes. 

Instead of using fire, E-cigarettes are powered by a battery device, which powers the unit to deliver nicotine when you inhale the vapor.


Q. What about Nicotine, Isn’t It Dangerous?


 Nicotine taken alone has not been proven to be the cause of any major health problems beyond its addictive nature.   
here is PROOF ofr the above statement from the publication by the Royal College of Physicians:
If you look on page 13 (Viii) of this document under “Physical & Pharmacological Effects of Nicotine”
bullet #5 states:

"Pure nicotine has potential adverse effects on the human body but
unlike cigarettes does not appear to cause cancer or significant
cardiovascular disease."

Further down the same document on page 15 (XV), under: “Management of Nicotine Addictions”

"Nicotine replacement therapy approximately doubles the effectiveness
of most other currently available smoking cessation interventions

Cancer. Because of the strong causal link between tobacco use and
cancer, there has been concern as to whether nicotine contributes to
cancer aetiology. Nicotine has not been shown to be carcinogenic in
animals. There are theoretical concerns about nicotine and cancer
related to metabolic activation or to stimulation of nicotinic cholinergic
receptors that regulate release of lung tumour growth factors.120,121 Nicotine
could also contribute to cancer if it is nitrosated to form carcinogenic
tobacco-specific nitrosamines.122

"Although there are some concerns, as noted above, the risk of
nicotine-related cancer, if any, is likely to be small or insignificant in
tobacco users who are exposed to high concentrations of many

"While nicotine itself cannot be completely exonerated from causing
adverse health effects, it is clear that its direct contribution to tobacco
related harm is relatively minor. It is not nicotine itself, but the delivery
of nicotine in combination with a multitude of combustion products
that causes most of the deaths associated with tobacco use.14
Tobacco products, particularly cigarettes, are an exceedingly ‘dirty’
delivery system for nicotine.
15 The existing regulatory structures give
huge market-place advantages to tobacco products, effectively creating
a ‘nicotine maintenance monopoly’. Those who want or need
nicotine on an ongoing basis have little choice but to obtain it from
cigarettes – the contaminated delivery system, with an attendant 50%
risk of premature death.16"


Q.  Can Electronic Cigarettes be used Anywhere?


 Technically electronic cigarettes do not present any of the dangers that have caused many public facilities to ban smoking. Electronic cigarettes don’t burn; therefore there is no odor, ash or second-hand smoke issues.  But electronic cigarettes are relatively new and there are other safety reasons why they are prohibited from being used on airplanes.


Q.  Are E-Health Cigarettes Expensive?


The cost of a quality starter kit with 5 nicotine cartridges, rechargeable battery and charger is approximately $37.


A package of 5 Health E-Cigarette cartridges is as low as $7.79  1 cartomizer is about the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes. The price of a package of 5 cartomizers at one of our competitor’s websites will cost you about twice as much or around $15.  

Q. What are the Advantages of Using Health E-Cigarettes?


 The major reason that smoking tobacco is a pleasure that has been enjoyed for centuries in every level of society around the world is because the nicotine it contains relaxes the body and mind. Tobacco has been used in cigars, pipes and cigarettes, as part of social events and even traditional ritual ceremonies, since it was first discovered and cultivated as a crop.


In the 20th century, research investigations revealed that there were many harmful chemicals being released with the smoke that resulted in different cancer-like diseases. Many of these substances were directly related to the chemicals and additives used in the modern manufacturing process.


The vaporizer was developed in the 21st century, as a way to eliminate these impurities. This device uses water as the filter and it was this idea that has been incorporated into the electronic cigarette.


The e-cigarette includes a miniature vaporizer unit inside of a device that is designed to look like a traditional cigarette and deliver a cleaner smoking experience, allowing a person to enjoy nicotine, without all of the harmful effects of combustion.


It is the elimination of the combustion process that is the major advantage of using electronic cigarettes. The e-cigarette uses rechargeable batteries which eliminates the fire hazard that traditional tobacco cigarettes present.


This also is the reason why using electronic cigarettes is more economical than traditional tobacco cigarettes. There is no need for matches, ashtrays, lighters or lighter fluid. This reduces the pollution as well, because the electronic cigarette only produces vapor mist which dissipates without any chemical residue, instead of carbon monoxide.  The vapor from an electronic cigarette has no odor to offend anyone or cling to your clothes or body.  Using electronic cigarettes eliminated the danger of second-hand smoke to anyone around you.


The manufacturing process for electronic cigarettes reduces the amount of resources required to produce and deliver them. One electronic cigarette cartridge also eliminates the waste products associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Instead of using paper for the cigarette and box container that is used once, the e-cigarette is made from durable plastic that can be used many times. Instead of carrying a bulky carton of cigarettes that can easily be damaged and made useless, an electronic cigarette device and the flavor cartridges are easily transported in a compact case.


There are no cigarette butts to dispose of; no need for ashtrays and no worries about sparks from a traditional tobacco cigarette igniting a fire. With an electronic cigarette you have only the mouthpiece and cartridge which can be enjoyed anywhere.


Finally, the tax on tobacco products has steadily increased as an incentive to encourage smokers to stop. These taxes don’t apply when you purchase electronic cigarette cartridges and the price of cartridges is only a fraction of what traditional tobacco cigarettes cost.

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